, the most visited official male movie star site on the Web, according to Google Website Trends, and, has launched an iPhone friendly version of the site.

The iPhone version of the website allows iPhone visitors to view an exclusive and celebratory retrospective film career video clip that includes movie clips from many of the Tom Cruise movies over the last 27 years including; Taps, Outsiders, Risky Business, All The Right Moves, Legend, Top Gun, The Color of Money, Cocktail, Rain Man, Born on the 4th of July, Days of Thunder, Far and Away, A Few Good Men, The Firm, Interview with a Vampire, Mission Impossible, Jerry Maguire, Eyes Wide Shut, Magnolia, Mission Impossible II, Vanilla Sky, Minority Report, The Last Samurai, Collateral, War of the Worlds, Mission Impossible III, and Lions for Lambs.

iPhone visitors will also be able to register for website updates right from their iPhone smart phone device.

If one doesn't have an iPhone handy to view the site, one can still view the iPhone site experience via an uploaded YouTube video of the site viewed on an iPhone here:

The iPhone focused addition to the site is added as the latest evidence of the site's commitment to integrating cutting edge technology with many more surprises planned to follow.