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Thread: Maverick Mobile announces Secure Mobile Protects Data, Tracks and Spy on Thieves

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    Maverick Mobile announces Secure Mobile Protects Data, Tracks and Spy on Thieves

    Maverick Mobile announces Secure Mobile, a background and hidden mobile phone application that aims to perform a few tasks: protect your data by keeping a backup on a remote server. Track or disable the device in case it is stolen. Of course, it could also be fun to perform a spy call (the stolen device does not ring and automatically answers the call) to listen at what the thief is doing - that's another feature of Secure Mobile. I suppose that being stealthy is necessary because if the thief was aware that the software was running in the background, he or she could attempt to perform a hard-reset (wiping everything out to factory settings). Personally, when I lose a phone that thing that annoys me the most is that I'll have to buy a new one at full price. After Sept. 15th, it will be available on Symbian S60. Blackberry and Windows Mobile versions will come in November.
    source : ubergizmo

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    so this is a Mobile Protects that protect mobile from virus and bluetooth ?

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