One month after its debut, Apple's new iPhone has hit the 3 million sold mark, according to analyst Michael Cote of the Cote Collaborative.

According the report, from Fortune and Michael Cote, of Cote Collaborative, Apple has shipped more than 3 million iPhone 3G. In comparison, it took 74 days for the original iPhone to sell 1 million units. And, with 3 million iPhone 3Gs in the wild, the next-generation iPhone comprises about a third of the global iPhone population.

An Apple (AAPL, Fortune 500) spokesperson declined to comment on Cote's projections.

As first reported, the price of the iPhone was cut in half, and with a $199 price tag - excluding the $2,400 wireless subscription costs over two years - it put the phone within reach of a much broader market than the original $400 iPhone.

The blistering sales pace of Apple's new gadget defies the otherwise downward trends in consumer spending, employment levels and overall economic health. The 3 million figure is much higher than Wall Street analysts had anticipated. Forecasts called for total quarterly sales of three million to four million.

“The demand is so strong it may impact or delay the new countries coming on,” said Cote, referring to the 20 additional countries that are expected to start offering the iPhone 3G on August 22. Such are the troubles that Apple has to deal with.

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