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Thread: Piicron:game console that is virtually compatible to all gaming console ?

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    Piicron:game console that is virtually compatible to all gaming console ?

    They are a new company. They will make a game console that is virtually compatible with ALL of your games. PS1, PS2, XBox, GC, 360, PS3.

    It's hard to tell if those awesome consoles up above are artists renditions or very real pieces of gaming technology that will shake the industry at its core.

    Ubercron, a $500 console that can play "any game ever released to any console" with its 3.2GHz quad-core processor

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    Wasn't there a console like this last time ( 2003 ) ?

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    ya,the Phantom?

    The console features a PC-like architecture, with 256 megabytes of RAM and a 40 gigabyte hard drive, running an embedded version of Windows XP. It will use a custom controller and support surround sound and high-definition TV.

    But Bachus downplayed the capabilities of the hardware, saying the real focus was the gaming service. "It's kind of a fool's errand to try and chase the PC," he said.

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    I think like the Phantom this will (Piicron) also be a fake topic .

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