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Thread: need portable gaming console, no for ( psp, DS )

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    need portable gaming console, no for ( psp, DS )

    is there a portable gaming console better then psp, ds or equal to them and they are cheap from psp and DS

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    Haven't you heard the news Open-source gaming goes commercial with Wiz handheld

    Quote Originally Posted by opaper View Post
    The GP2X is not quite dead, as it has just been announced officially. This will be a pretty niche device, featuring a built-in Flash Player (compatible with Flash 7.0) that is meant for simple commercial games. Features of the GP2X include :-

    • OLED touch screen display
    • ARM9 533MHz processor
    • 64MB RAM
    • 3D accelerator

    The GP2X will ship in the middle of October onwards, and I don't see it threatening the PSP or DS anytime soon due to the rather limited hardware. Will developers flock to come up with entertaining gaming titles for the GP2X? Only time will tell.

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    feature looks nice, i dont think that this will beat psp but it is cheap, or it is equal to it but it handy portable gaming console .

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