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Thread: N4B1:LG launches NAS capable of burning Blu-ray

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    N4B1:LG launches NAS capable of burning Blu-ray

    Hard to stand out on the segment of the NAS, or Network Attached Storage, these storage devices that can connect to its home network. LG has found, however, how diversion with the N4B1, a SIN equipped with a recorder Blu-ray! This voluminous case has four places for hard drives, and offers three USB ports, an e-SATA port and a memory card reader in addition to the vital port Ethernet, gigabit here. So far, nothing but classic for a very high-end NAS ... However, just the novelty of the front, which houses therefore a Blu-ray, and a small LCD screen, in addition to the usual LED act as witness to the proper functioning hard drives.

    On the one hand, N4B1 can create an image of a Blu-ray, so then disseminate it on the network. On the other hand, it can store data on backup media Blu-ray blank, single or double layer. Compatible with RAID 0, 1, 0 +1, 5 and JBOD, N4B1 among other things allows remote administration in the form of Web service, transfer files via FTP and plays the role of iTunes server. Aimed at an audience of professionals and small businesses, N4B1 would soon be launched in Europe by LG. Its price, and details of the commercial configuration (Will it comes with hard drives and if so, what capacity), have not yet been unveiled.

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    LG's N4B1 NAS auto-archives your junk to Blu-ray

    LG's N4B1 might be the world's first NAS with integrated Blu-ray recorder, it also supports up to 4TB of disk... with room to grow thanks to 3x USB and 1x e-SATA jacks. LG puts that 50GB of dual-layer, Blu-ray storage to good use by automatically archiving your old data for off-site storage. You do store your data off-site, right?

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