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Thread: Logitech launches surveillance camera

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    Logitech launches surveillance camera

    Logitech also benefits from the IFA to submit his solution surveillance camera on IP. In line with its range SqueezeBox and its new strategy, consisting in part to oust its reputation which restricts the manufacture of keyboards and mice, the Swiss unveiled a range including a software command, an online service and two cameras networks.

    The whole wants to be plug-and-play, in the proper sense, and safe. The "Digital Video Security System" uses the CPL to work. Thus, once the software is installed, just plug the computer into a socket using the adapter provided, then one or more cameras to the grid of housing so that they are automatically detected and that the dissemination begins. Therefore, it is possible to watch live or to schedule zones alerts, which can trigger the detection of a movement to register a sequence format WMV or sending an e-mail. The software is able to manage and record 6 cameras simultaneously and consultation on these recordings is very simply through a window chronological highlights the moments at which the cameras went off and can be found easily these sequences in a few clicks.

    Logitech DVS Internal Camera

    Logitech DVS External Camera

    The online service finally can see live video stream, since a computer running Windows (flows are encoded in Windows Media) or from a mobile phone running Windows Mobile. It is unfortunately not possible to access records, which severely restricts the security aspect of the process, while computers running Linux and Mac OS X can easily access this feature. The Command Center, which allows the inspection and registration of cameras is also available on Windows, and Logitech does support any other operating system at the moment. This is all the more regrettable that the mark has already been able to attract users of Mac OS X thanks to some devices dedicated to the Macintosh as well as those who can access SqueezeBox indifferently to the music stored on a computer running Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and even on a NAS. Other flat, the system depends on the functioning of a computer, Windows therefore, the cameras are not autonomous.

    Logitech DVS Adapter CPL

    Logitech DVS Command Center

    The assembly comprising a camera, the adapter CPL reception and the software is the proposed retail price of 300 euros. The additional cameras, the model outside watertight as the model interior are offered at a price of 250 euros each. Logitech and surfing on the same wave Apple, offering what others are already at prices much lower, but the accompanying additional services and an easy grip. All these products are already available in stores.

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    It's still a good initiative. But is that the outdoor camera can withstand temperatures below-25C? would have liked to have a little more detail on quality cameras ...

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