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Thread: cannot find Sagem my419x

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    cannot find Sagem my419x

    I installed the software with Bluetooth adapter bluetooth USB 2.0 (EDR) (2 to 1) in order to transmit my photos and my videos on the computer. My mobile Sagem my419x does not appear in the list proposed to make the transfer. It is urgent, because I do share my mobile this morning and when this is done I'll wipe all my data. How to integrate the name of my mobile in the proposed list?
    Please explain me in clear and simple language as I am not a master in computing.

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    Did you search for bluetooth on your computer?

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    Hello, yes I did a search on my bluetooth mobile. But connectivity can not be done. In the twin devices it ask me a "key" I do not know. Also on comp, I do not find the name of my mobile. WHAT TO DO?

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    normally you have to start the connection from your mobile phone.if you request a key try the 0000

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