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Thread: Sony delivers the first 240Hz LCDs November 10

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    Sony delivers the first 240Hz LCDs November 10

    Sony's double-speed technology "Flow Motion 120 Hz", 60 frames per second or 24 frames shot in the video, pictures and video footage to create a new generation of LCD televisions to reduce the sense of specific afterimage And the movie and sports a sharp move smoothly to reflect its own technology. In addition, "Flow Motion 120 Hz", the shooting occurred during the video "blur" technology to detect correction (IB reduction) and is also equipped with the original film "blurry" crystal-clear images under a correction When performing complement, to reproduce the image sharp.

    W1 series based on the "flow motion 240 Hz" in the previous two double-speed (120 frames per second), "Motion flow 120 Hz" to further evolve, ※ 2 of the world's first quad-speed (240 frames per second) Performance. IB such reduction is "Flow Motion 240 Hz" has been clear from the footage shown every detail of the afterimage of a very small, sharp images and smooth TV.

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    Sony's 1,000,000:1 contrast BRAVIAs launch in Japan this October

    Sony's XBR6 / XBR7 / XBR8 models are still waiting in the wings for their U.S. debut, but along with HDTVs that push the extremes in thin and fast, the company announced these more conventional models it's deemed "the highest quality BRAVIA HDTVs in history." The XR1 (read: XBR8) series will feature a 1,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio (3,000:1 static) courtesy of those new TRILUMINOS three-color LEDs, 10-bit BRAVIA Engine 2 processing and Motionflow 120Hz technology. If you can live without 240Hz or WHDI, the 1080p 55-inch edition runs ¥750,000 ($6,489 U.S.) with a 46-inch for ¥600,000 ($5,479 U.S.). The next level down is the X1 (read: XBR6 / XBR7) series, based on old school CCFL backlights limited to a 3,000:1 contrast rating, ranging in size from 40- to 52- inches and in price from ¥530,000 ($4,866 U.S.) to ¥320,000 ($2,922 U.S.) when they go on sale October 10. Digital Media Extender support, DLNA connectivity and all the other high end feature's make their expected appearance across the lineup. With fears of watered down technology effectively quelled, Sony wouldn't make us wait until October to find out when when we can buy an HDTV in the U.S. or Europe from this lineup

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