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Thread: Details on the Samsung Player Style

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    Details on the Samsung Player Style

    Hello all,

    So I have a good old mare E900, and I want to change mobile ... I turn to the portable touch ... And one in particular, the new samsung player style, it me by its design but also by its size, I do not want a phone booth ....

    ... It me air really well, I could watch a lot of video, later "I am taking what I want in the left bar" I like a lot ... But now, I am a very big consumer of SMS, and I fear the alliance has SMS-TOUCH .... I doubt a lot of writing comfort with a portable touch .... So before you buy I prefer to learn ...

    Thanks in advance

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    In fact you have a phone keypad on the screen, like a mobile non-touch, and you tapes your message. With t9 enabled it gives excellent results even when the desired word appears you do not play the pad to select: you click directly on it with his finger, which saves time. Of course it will need a little habit, but then no doubt you will find it very pleasant.

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    No, I assure you the tactile for sms going very, you just need a little time to adapt but after going far more quickly than a conventional keyboard. I advise you plus a diamond HTC samsung a player style much more possibility.

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