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Thread: My laptop takes long time to startup

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    My laptop takes long time to startup

    Starting last weekend, my inspiring 1000 running XP, starting to take a longer time to reboot. I tried the date recovery tool, going back 3 weeks but it didn't solve it.
    What could be the problem?
    How can I fix it?

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    How long have you had it, did it do this from the very first time you booted it up or have you done anything such as add or remove any programs?

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    click start > run > then type msconfig.

    then click the startup tab then uncheck all the programs that are unnecessary.

    then click apply button then OK.. then choose restart.

    But before anythng else you must log on as an Administrator.

    i hope this will help you solve your problem.

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    Alternative would that you could maybe just hibernate your laptop everytime you finish using it, hibernating will save your current state and it will skip the "POST" process and goes right into windows. When you want to shutdown, go to turn off computer, then hold the shift button and you can choose the hibernate option, click on that button to hibernate your laptop. Good choice if you want all the programs to run when you boot up your laptop and in a shorter time too.

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    Your problem can be anything from virus to your operating syatem even hardware some of the times.
    What i want to ask you is do youe laptop takes time only to boot or for shut down too?
    You can do is just make some space free ojn youe C: drive & defragment the drive.
    Let us know if any improve ment i think Msconfig changes will definately solve your problem since you would have installed alot of problems which takes time to startup!

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