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Thread: can PSP slim games be played on TV

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    can PSP slim games be played on TV

    just gt my PSP slim i got many games like Brothers in Arms, Call of Duty - Road To Victory, Crazy Taxi Fare Wars, Dragon Ball Z - Shin Budokai - Another Road, FIFA 2008, Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition,
    i want to play all this games in my tv through my PSP can i play these games in my TV please reply

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    ya you can play games in your TV from PSP you just need a buy the special tv out cables though.

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    here is the cable which you can connect it and play games in your tv

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    The component cables work great for music and videos since they will be full screen, but games on the PSP will be PSP definition. If you hook up the PSP to play games on your HDTV, make sure you have a zoom function otherwise, 70% of your screen will be black.

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    Movies you can watch in 480p full screen

    PSP Games you can play under 480 by 272 resolution

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    here you can get these cables ebay

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