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Thread: Toshiba's 9.5-mm thin laptop disk hits 400GB

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    Toshiba's 9.5-mm thin laptop disk hits 400GB

    Toshiba just bested its own 320GB hard drive with a 400GB offering in the same 9.5-mm height form factor favored by most thin laptops. That's as good as it gets unless you can track down Sammy's elusive 500GB Spinpoint M6. The MK4058GSX spins just 2 platters which means the disk sports an impressive 477Mbit/mm2 (308Gbpsi) areal density while consuming 20% less power (0.0015W/GB energy consumption efficiency) and 2dB less noise than its own 320GB predecessor. Rounding out the specs are a 12-ms average seek and 8MB cache. Toshiba also boosted the rest of its 9.5-mm, 2.5-inch, 3.0Gbps SATA disk lineup to 7,200rpm including the 320GB MK3254GSY. Mass production of the 400GB slab is expected to begin in September while the 7,200 HDDs will hit the market in August. No prices announced.

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    More info of Toshiba MK4058GSX Hard Drive with Image

    The new Toshiba MK4058GSX hard disk is of 400 GB format with only 2.5 inches. Coupled with a speed of 7200 rpm, this disc is aimed mainly at laptops and does two plateaus.

    Toshiba MK4058GSX Hard Drive

    This disc is expected to consume less energy and less noise has an access time of 12 ms, a memory 8 MB buffer and an S-ATA interface. If everything goes well, this new model will begin to be produced en masse from next August.

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    It still remains to see the price as usual

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