View Poll Results: What is the best backup software?

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  • Windows Backup

    10 13.70%
  • Norton Ghost

    16 21.92%
  • Norton Save&Restore

    5 6.85%
  • Acronis True Image

    17 23.29%
  • Genie Backup Manager

    7 9.59%
  • Nero BackItUp

    4 5.48%
  • Other

    14 19.18%
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Thread: Best backup software

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    joshua77 Guest
    Looking for your opinios, guys.

    I have only used Windows backup to take my files backup when I format my system..I have Original Windows Backup so I always I want to use it,And its working good till now..

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    Jan 2006
    in my opinion norton ghost is the best

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    I do a lot of backing up and re-loading computers for customers. I do not like depending on a program to do a good backup. I like to manually do it myself. I have three 40 gig hard drives I use and a USB external Hard Drive device. Takes a while but I know what I backed up and know I did a good job at it..
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    Personally I think anyone that thinks TrueImage is a great solution for work is missing a lot of stuff that it doesnt give you... like exchange backup, sql server backup, oracle backup, ad backup.... all that fun stuff you need a enterprise level app for like BackupExec... You need enterprise level acronis for that and it is EXPENSIVE not to mention has a lot of bugs that backupexec has fixed years ago

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    Apr 2008
    I have only used Windows backup. So will trust on it only.

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    Apr 2008
    I dont need backup actually. But still i've trird nero backup earlier. its quite effective.

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    Apr 2008
    Symantec's Norton Ghost provides advanced backup and recovery for your PC, protects your data by making a backup of your hard drive's contents - without restarting Windows. Norton Ghost is a comprehensive disk imaging solution for home and small office users, enhanced with Drive Image technology, which Symantec obtained through the acquisition of PowerQuest Corporation. Incremental backups save you time and disk space. You can even schedule backups to run automatically. You can restore individual files, selected folders, or the entire hard drive.

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    I have used Norton save&restore. It has many useful features. Norton Save & Restore provides advanced features to do the following:

    Back up and recover your entire hard drive
    Limit the backup and recovery to only important files and folders
    Perform scheduled, on-demand, or event-driven backups to a wide range of media
    Automatically scan your computer and recommend which drives, files, and folders should be backed up

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    Yogesh Guest
    Veritas, which is not mentioned here, is the best backup software.

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    Mar 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by Yogesh A View Post
    Veritas, which is not mentioned here, is the best backup software.
    i have never used veritas, will soon figure it out, thanks though

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    Norton Ghost for me!

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    May 2008

    RE : Best backup software

    Quote Originally Posted by Gaurav View Post
    Norton Ghost for me!
    I will go with Gaurav option Norton Ghost is the best Best backup software you will find, its easy to use,its user friendly
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    Windows Backup is the best !!!

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    Acronis True Image is known for its simple, wizard driven interface, and receives positive reviews from both editors and users alike.

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    Oct 2008
    I have allways used Norton ghost, however a recent upgrade from symantic, gliched, I am only assuming it was trying to create a partion, and write an image on restart. Unfortunatly, it didn't write the partition. This left an empty aera in the partition. Meaning windows could not start. The back up was on my linux server so I could move the files back over the network, and remount the windows OS.
    However if I relied only on windows all was lost. As only linux could read across the windows damaged partition

    Since then I have been using Acronis True Image, less than 6 months however,backup are easy to do ,also like ghost you can do harddrive cloning.

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