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Thread: Curved Shape Mobile Screen vs Straight

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    Curved Shape Mobile Screen vs Straight

    LG G Flex 2 is a new phone released that came out with a Curved shape display. After Samsung many manufacturers are attempting to bring out Curve shape screen. And in future I think there will be many models. So compare to a regular display, do you think a Curve shape phone can be better. I had seen Samsung's mode. It is not very unique. All you get is good viewing angle from sides. It is good for watching videos. That's it. There is nothing special. Curved shape design makes mobile phone too costly. And it also increase screen repair cost if somehow the device breaks up. I just created this poll to find that what mobile screen type do you prefer.

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    Re: Curved Shape Mobile Screen vs Straight

    Curved Shape gives a unique look to phone. And it is right that this is not giving up really awesome features other than good viewing angle, but it looks great. It is good to test something new here. One problem that I face while using a Curved screen, is the phone gets thick when you keep that in your pocket. Other things are almost same. Also I think there is a risk of bending from center if a pressure is applied at the back. For example I keep the phone in pocket when I am train. But at the time of rush the phone is crushed badly from the backside. I am always worried that it wont get cracked from the center part.

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