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Thread: Do you want WhatsApp+ back or not

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    Do you want WhatsApp+ back or not

    Whatsapp Plus is officially banned and users who are using are also banned with that. I got chance to use this for a few days and it is lot more better than the regular WhatsApp chat messenger. I am trying to find out a working version of WhatsApp+ but cannot find the same. And it looks that the same is not yet available int he market. There is still banning going out. Do you think WhatsApp plus must be brought back like before. Or it is better to use the original WhatsApp version only. I am quiet sure that many of you still wants WhatsApp Plus.

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    Re: Do you want WhatsApp+ back or not

    WhatsApp+ is not a official app that means it can be hackable and your messages can be leaked. It is not at all safe to use such apps. Official apps are more supported and they also get regular updates. There are many security hole in such kind of pirated applications. WhatsApp has done right by banning this kind of application and there are quiet a less chance that it might come back again. Because they are also banning the users who are using them. So anyhow you are now force to use the original version only.

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    Re: Do you want WhatsApp+ back or not

    It would be better to use WhatsApp plus type of app if you have to pay to download. WhatsApp is free, all you have to do is pay yearly for using it. The download is not chargeable here. And it is quiet better if you stick with the original application as it is lot more safer. What if your personal messages and images are leaked on the web and you came to know about that later on. It can cause problem. Today there are millions of people using WhatsApp and it is also expanding. It is now own by Facebook so they will be taking all measure to make it secure.

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    Re: Do you want WhatsApp+ back or not

    You are just ignoring the features that WhatsApp+ offers you over the current version. It is much better and has many things that the original app does not has. I think WhatsApp must implement all this features if they really want people to stop using the pirated application. Like there are ample of customization options that you cant find in the regular WhatsApp. People love to make changes and modify the UI. WhatsApp is quiet restricted in that. It is just to increase more and more use interaction. That is the reason WhatsApp+ got so much popularity.

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    Re: Do you want WhatsApp+ back or not

    One of the best thing that I found nice about WhatsApp+ si that you can share hundreds of emoticons on the same. You can just create your own and you can share it. There is a upload icon on the chat box itself. When you tap on that it will allow you to choose images of your choice. And you can download hundreds of emoticons from web. By default WhatsApp+ load them in a separate folder from where you just have to select and send. It is really a amazing feature.

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    Re: Do you want WhatsApp+ back or not

    WhatsApp+ is much more better. Easy image sharing is just one thing here. You can hide yourself in WhatsApp+. You can just stop people viewing your last status which is quiet a ncie option for privacy. I was looking for this kind of feature from long time. You can also turn off the blue tick if you want. There are many things which original WhatsApp is now slowly taking from WhatsApp+ and upgrading themselves. WhatsApp+ also has a higher file size sharing. WhatsApp+ is best when it comes to customization.

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