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Thread: Microsoft Lumia 830 vs Microsoft Lumia 930

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    Microsoft Lumia 830 vs Microsoft Lumia 930

    There are two new high end phones released by Microsoft which is Lumia 830 and Lumia 930. There is a huge difference in the cost here. Lumia 830 is Rs.25,000 and Lumia 930 is Rs.35000 approx. I want to find which one is the best here. Because here Lumia 830 looks to have almost all kind of features which is in Lumia 930. So why to pay around 10000 higher for the same. I want to know the difference and also to choose which one will be the best here.

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    Re: Microsoft Lumia 830 vs Microsoft Lumia 930

    There is only difference in the camera while other things are the same. If you go with Lumia 830 you will get a 10MP camera on the same which I do not think is bad from any angle. It is a great phone and you don't really need Lumia 930. I find Lumia 830 as a good model which has a great screen quality and performance is also fine. It has as 0.9mp front camera which I think is very low. So that is the place where the phone fell low. In mid range phone like Lumia 535 there is 5MP front camera.

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    Re: Microsoft Lumia 830 vs Microsoft Lumia 930

    Lumia 930 is a pure camera phone. It runs on 2.2Ghz Snapdragon 800 Quad Core cpu and 2GB RAM. While Lumia 830 has a 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 400 Quad Core cpu with 1 RAM. So there is a huge difference between the performance part. In Lumia 930 you are getting more ram and a better processor. And also you get a good 20MP camera. And there is also difference in the storage part. There is 16GB in Lumia 930 and there is 32GB on Lumia 930. Here the other one is high end.

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