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Thread: Moto E vs Moto E 2nd Generation

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    Moto E vs Moto E 2nd Generation

    Moto E is one of the most successful budget android smartphone in the market. This is widely sold and yet a new version of the same in coming up soon in the market. I want to buy a new phone and I just stopped when I found that Moto E second generation will be out. I want to know the difference and which will be better to go for. At few sites I had seen that Moto E second generation will be a costlier model that Moto E. Here the old one is around Rs.7000 while the new one will be around Rs.10,000. Which will be better to buy.

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    Re: Moto E vs Moto E 2nd Generation

    You can go with the current edition. There is not a huge difference between both the model. Moto E first generation is a nice phone that gives you Android Kitkat OS with good hardware. It is a decent model for daily usage. But the only thing it lacks is that it is not having a front camera. And the second generation might have one. So if you want front camera then you can wait, but if not then still the current model is not bad from any angle. There is clear information about the actual specs of this phone.

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    Re: Moto E vs Moto E 2nd Generation

    I am waiting for the new version of this phone that will be lot more better than anything else. This new version will have a better upgrade hardware and I am quiet sure that this will be the only budget model to have Android Lollipop update. This matters a lot. It will be quiet wroth waiting according to me. Do not just jump on the current edition. Wait for some time. This phone might appear soon in the coming months. If the new edition does not get Lollipop then the old one is still better.

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