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    Best Screen Sharing software

    I was using CrossLoop software from long time. I used it to help all my cousins and sisters with their pc issues most of the time. But just now they have included a registration for installing and also a pop-up advertising which is quite irritating. So, therefore I am searching for some free sharing software that is easy to use and not to complicated. Can anyone suggest me something from the list that I have made or something else? Thanks

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    Re: Best Screen Sharing software

    By far, TeamViewer is the best screen sharing application that I have ever seen. You can connect to the desktop of a partner anywhere on the Internet. TeamViewer also works in the other direction: Show your own desktop to a partner over the Internet and illustrate your own software, presentations or solve any issues on the computer. TeamViewer comes with an integrated file transfer that allows you to copy files and folders from and to a remote partner - which also works behind firewalls.

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    Re: Best Screen Sharing software

    By far TeamViewer, includes file transfer option

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    Re: Best Screen Sharing software

    I have been using Microsoft Office Communicator and it is working great. It is a gadget that was designed to be a sidebar gadget for Windows that includes functionality to keep track of your top 5 favorite contacts, check your mailbox Voice and interact with your contacts directly from the sidebar. The gadget uses the Office Communicator SDK for all automation functions of Office Communicator, the DLL for the SDK is included in the ClickOnce manifest that is packaged into the gadget.

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    Re: Best Screen Sharing software

    I have used Mikogo software and found it useful also. If you want a desktop sharing software without paying a lot of money, look no further. Mikogo is a free remote desktop application rich in features that will help you to conduct web conferencing, online meeting or remote support session perfectly. You can share any content or application screen in true color quality across the world with up to 10 participants simultaneously, while still sitting at your desk. Mikogo can be employed for many professional, academic or personal uses, including web conferencing, online meetings, sales demos, web presentations, remote support, group collaboration, and more.

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