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Thread: Motorola Moto G vs Nokia Lumia 620

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    Motorola Moto G vs Nokia Lumia 620

    Among Moto G and Lumia 620 which smartphone will be the best one. Device that can provide durable design and performance both. At first I was thinking about Lumia 620. I had used this phone before and I am really happy with the design and looks. It is durable and has very portable design. Then comes Moto G which is already rocking in the market and offer android platform. I do not want much about gaming, I need a phone for long usage.

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    Re: Motorola Moto G vs Nokia Lumia 620

    Both of them are good budget phone. It depend on your choice what you need. If you need a durable design and long battery life then there is nothing better than Lumia 620. It has a very sleek interface and you can use it for chatting, web surfing, etc. I had myself used Lumia devices and they are the best for long usage. You don't have to worry much about battery. Low battery is one of the major issue with many android phone.

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    Re: Motorola Moto G vs Nokia Lumia 620

    It is not really nice to compare phone of two different platform. Because Lumia is a windows phone and Moto G is android. As per my usage I really like Moto G because of its great feature and amazing output. It is a powerful device but the only thing it lack is lack of expandable storage solution. It has a integrated storage option. That makes the phone limited. If you can add more to your budget then there is nothing better than Moto X.

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