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Thread: Which is the best anti-spyware software for computer

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    Which is the best anti-spyware software for computer

    As you all know, Anti-Spyware software are tools to help prevent contamination of our computer by malwares and commercial spying of our data or causing malfunctions other than those made by the virus, more generally. Running almost identical like antivirus, anti-spyware will scan all your data, but also look at what programs are running, will also check cookies that inform companies on sites you visit and restrict the same. But among different Anti-spyware software, which one do you use or like the most? Please vote and share your views as well.

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    Re: Which is the best anti-spyware software for computer

    The best that I have used so far is Spywareblaster. It is a free software that protects us against spyware, adware, dialers and other threats. It prevents many such unwanted files that settle on our system without our knowledge software. Unlike any other programs, SpywareBlaster does not need to remain running in the background to slow down your pc. It continuously monitors the activity of your browser to prevent cookies and malicious ActiveX controls. This software is very easy to handle. A single window contains all the settings and features. The "Protection" menu allows you to set specific options in Internet Explorer and Firefox, and a list of sites with restricted access due to their potentially harmful character.

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    Re: Which is the best anti-spyware software for computer

    I use Ad-Aware and it is one of the best known anti-spyware software on the market. It has bounced back recently and offers a complete anti-malware protection. Ad-Aware Pro Security is based on the powerful engine called VIPRE detection to identify all security threats. Ad-Aware Pro Security protects your computer in real time, immobilizing a limited number of system resources. The Security Pro version also has a firewall, an optimized module to secure your web activity and also scans incoming emails and USB devices.

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    Re: Which is the best anti-spyware software for computer

    Outbeating everyone, Spybot Search & Destroy detects and removes spyware that silently spies all our actions when surfing online. Incase you see in your browser a toolbar that you have not installed and because of that your browser crashes inexplicably, or if the start page of your browser has been changed, your computer is probably infected with spyware, and at that time Spybot Search & Destroy can be very useful. It really is worth doing a test with this anti-sypware to see if a malicious program has already invaded your computer or not. To protect your privacy, it can also clean traces from your PC. This function is especially useful if you share your computer with other users and you do not want them to know the details of your business.

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