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Thread: Vote for Best Quad Core Andriod Smartphone

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    Vote for Best Quad Core Andriod Smartphone

    Which one among above will be the best Quad Core android phone. There are around 7 device listed above. All of them are having a Quad Core processor. In terms of performance I found HTC One X+ and Galaxy Note 2 great. But as you can see below there are more budget phones. Like Ascend P2 or Canvas HD. They also stand very close the the hardware configuration of branded devices. So if you are willing to buy the best android device in terms of gaming and hd output which will be the best voted.

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    Re: Vote for Best Quad Core Andriod Smartphone

    I will go with HTC One X+. I had used this device and it is one of the best. But if you need more high end configuration then go for HTC One. Both phone are loaded with high end system hardware giving out great performance. I had tested a number of games on the mobile phone and it works fine. Another important thing that also matters here is the battery output. The same is quiet awesome on HTC One X+. The overall output of the device is just superb in terms of performance and battery output.

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    Re: Vote for Best Quad Core Andriod Smartphone

    I am having Galaxy Note 2. Even after bring having a big screen size the device just works superbly awesome. It has great output. I had recently installed Spider man and batman on the same. And it works fine. For battery I am not really satisfied for the device. But in terms of touch and UI the device is just great. With better hardware config I will recommend this device for those who are looking some great for gaming. And for battery output just carry a portable charger with you.

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    Re: Vote for Best Quad Core Andriod Smartphone

    If we talk about the budget phone then Canvas HD A116 is not bad at all. I will not say that it can beat HTC One X+ or Galaxy Note 2. It is just an reasonable device which is capable of giving you great output in terms of gaming and hd videos. This device is giving you Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7 processor at juts Rs.15,000. Which is not bad all. I had used this device. But I am not happy with the camera output. While in terms of performance the device just rocks.

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    Re: Vote for Best Quad Core Andriod Smartphone

    It is correct that budget phones like Micromax and Wammy Titan are still able to come near in performance output with branded devices. Here we are lucky to have choices. At one side we are having lavish branded phones with the best touch and hardware config while on the other hand we are having budget phone with similar hardware support. It is recommended to go with branded devices for long time usage. Because budget phones gets slow as you keep on using this due to low quality hardware used in them.

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