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Thread: Windows Tablet vs Android Tablet.

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    Windows Tablet vs Android Tablet.

    I made this poll to find out views on which is better among Windows Tablet and Android Tablet. I am stuck between buying this too. My friend is having a Windows Tablet. He game me to use the same fro some while. The tablet looks to be great in terms of feature. I can simply send emails, transfer files, and install important application that I use on my pc. But they are far more costlier compare to Android. While on the same hand Android is good for fun. There are budget choices also available.

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    Re: Windows Tablet vs Android Tablet.

    It depends on your needs. If you need a tablet for professional work then you can go for Windows. Because it is easy to operate and offers you all windows feature that you will never get on Android. But if you are willing to go for a tablet that offers you large app support and tons of multimedia features. Tabs like Xperia Z are some of the most best upcoming tablets that offers you great features and complete performance. There is a great difference between both.

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    Re: Windows Tablet vs Android Tablet.

    I will go with the android tab. You had seen there are ample of recent changes in android tablets. It is is really cool to have one. I am having Samsung Galaxy Tab. It is awesome. Mostly tablets are required for email check and web surfing. For those it is quiet better. While if you are look in for file transfer then you use application like eshare. Which is a tiny ftp software that creates a open file transfer platform for moving application. It is extremely easy to use.

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    Re: Windows Tablet vs Android Tablet.

    The set of application that are available on Google Play will never be available for other platform. Windows is good in terms of functionality but I think we will never get a budget model. Windows is extremely costly. For professional who needs data security or corporate level protection can go for Windows tablet. But if you want to use it for your personal usage then go for an android one. You will get tons of app support on the same. That will be helpful for you to some extent.

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    Re: Windows Tablet vs Android Tablet.

    i have an android tablet (XOOM) and an windows (HTC Radar). i vote to android tablet, because android supports muli-program running and have many software supported.

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