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    Best Games for PC 2013

    There are many famous games that are going to release in this year. Well, it's time to prepare a preliminary list of the most anticipated games on the PC in 2013. So we hope that the list will be complemented by new and worthy projects of the monsters game industry such as EA, Ubisoft and Activision. Choose, your favourite games wisely and let people know why you like playing those games that you like.

    PS: Incase if the some famous games are missed, then please add it in the reply.

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    Re: Best Games for PC 2013

    Well, I am excited for the game Metro 2033: Last Light. The plot of this game develops 1 year after the original events of the game Metro 2033, where survivors after nuclear events are still living in the relative safety of Moscow metro stations, while on the surface the poisonous air and mutants dominate. Once again, we will be playing as Artem. And most importantly, it has finally been officially confirmed by THQ that it will have multiplayer mode, which this time will appear in the sequel. Lets hope for the best.

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    Re: Best Games for PC 2013

    Well, I liked Dead Space 3 game till now and hope that the game that are listed here will be also good. In short, if one were to summarize Dead Space 3 in one sentence, we get this: "A game full of good things that will prove its value gradually to the general public. Like Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, it may be confused, but maybe the change is necessary to the survival of the series. The only small change is actually significant in opening doors. As said, it is surely secondary, but when you are in a building, there are necessarily many doors to open, and where there was just a button assigned in previous episodes, here we need to use the telekinesis. Sure, it must be linked to the universe: expectations, stress, tension, vulnerability and everything that makes the essence of a horror game, but still, it may be less immersive for the taking too much time to open a door.

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    Re: Best Games for PC 2013

    Right now I am playing Crysis 3 and I am loving it. Crysis 3 continues the storyline of the Prophet. The action takes place in 2047, the place of the second part of the same - New York. After the events of the second part of the last 24 years. The city covered the special "nanokupolom", which was divided into seven regions, called "Seven Wonders." The fault of a mystical energy and the city turned into a jungle. Under the dome is a quarantine zone, which is populated by the remnants of alien forces. The game will return Crysis and Crysis Warhead character - Psycho.

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    Re: Best Games for PC 2013

    I am a Tomb Raider game fan and I have played every part of this game in the series. I am very much excited to play this new Tomb Raider game which is a total reboot in the series and as per the gameplay, this game is going to rock the gaming era also, as it seems. In this game Lara Croft goes on an expedition to find the lost fleet of Kublai Khan to the islands off the coast of Japan in the Sea, which is considered the opposite of the Bermuda Triangle. Three days later, the ship enters into a storm, and the storm breaks the ship in half, separating the rest of the team from Lara. This is where the game will get interesting.

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