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Thread: Micromax vs Karbonn vs iBall vs Lava vs Zync

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    Micromax vs Karbonn vs iBall vs Lava vs Zync


    As you all know, there are many different tablets and mobile phones made by different company brands such as the Micromax, Karbonn, iBall, Lava, Zync, etc. I was wondering which among this all companies produces the best mobile phones and tablets compared to each other. I know that this phones cant outbeat bigger branded companies such as Samsung, Apple or Sony. But since the tablets and mobile phones from the bigger brands are comparatively very costly for Indian people, it is not worth to purchase from Sony or Samsung, since in the same price range we can get alteast 2 products from Micromax or Karbonn. But as per the quality hardware delivered it is really hard to decide for which one to go for. So, I would like to know which among the Indian Companies, who manufacturer tablets and mobile phones, should we go with. Thank you.
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    Re: Micromax vs Karbonn vs iBall vs Lava vs Zync

    What I have heard till yet is that Micromax tablet and Karbon Smart Tab both are good in terms. Since, in the market there are lots of talk for Karbonn Smart Tab, I think that one can go with it. There might be some cons related to both these devices when compared to the Samsung or Apple tablets, like some heating issues, lags while playing games, etc but in its price range both Micromax and Karbonn do perform well. For others, I cannot say because I have never used them.

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    Re: Micromax vs Karbonn vs iBall vs Lava vs Zync

    Micromax has recently released its new A110 SuperFone Canvas smartphone which is one of the cheapest dual-core phones launching at Rs. 13000 approximately. There are also other smartphones like Spice Mi-500, Karbonn A9+ and Karbonn A21, which comes for as low as Rs. 10000 that anyone can go for. But I will put my money on the A110 SuperFone Canvas because it has got excellent design and its 1ghz dual core processor allows you to play games and open every other kinds of applications breezingly fast. The only problem with this devices are that these companies take long time to release software update and even I dont know whether this devices are capable enough to be upgraded.

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    Re: Micromax vs Karbonn vs iBall vs Lava vs Zync

    Well, better than the Micromax A110 aka Canvas 2 I will go with iBall Andi 4.5h smartphone which has also recently launched at a cost of Rs. 13000 approx. I have read enormous reviews and watched videos befor purchasing this mobile phone and the Canvas 2. So I went to the Canvas 2 mobile shop and played with the front and rear camera, but after sometime it gave me an error saying that "camera unexpectedly stopped working, please restart". So a bit reluctant, I tested the new iBall Andi 4.5h and immediately finalized it. The reason for purchasing this mobile phone was it was having beautiful screen and resolution and in looks it matched the Samsung Galaxy S3 in comparison as well. There were no lags at all even after testing high end games. I even made a video call with the decent looking camera and 3g and wifi were very much effective in terms. So far the only problem was, it was getting heated up quickly like any other phone does, due to intensive gaming and surfing the net on 3g and wifi. I dont know about karbonn, lava or zync phones but, from my perspective, iBall Andi 4.5h smartphone is a worthit product to be purchased.

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