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Thread: Which one is good brand, Corsair or Seasonic

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    Which one is good brand, Corsair or Seasonic

    Well I am looking to purchase a good PSU unit for my computer. I know that there are several options available in the market that I can select. However I am looking to purchase my PSU from Corsair or Seasonic. But am confused which one of these is the good brand with good products. Let me know if you are having any useful information. Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Re: Which one is good brand, Corsair or Seasonic

    By default Corsair don’t manufacture PSU , rather re brand PSU. Actually they are having good records as far as PSUs are considered. They are rebranding PSU which are developed by Seasonic. For your information Seasonic are actual manufacturer of PSU. If you are looking to purchase Seasonic PSU then I am sure about the thing that you are going to get a quality product. Also there are Corsair PSUs which are having same working as that of Seasonic PSU. According to me both of them are really good option and you can select any of them.

    If we consider Corsair professional series particularly CMPSU-450HX, CMPSU-520HX, CMPSU-620HX and CMPSU-650HX models, actually they are manufactured by Seasonic. Where as CMPSU-750HX, CMPSU-850HX, CMPSU-1000HX and CMPSU-1050HX models are manufactured by CWT. non-modular TX are manufactured by Seasonic. Corsair Professional Series Gold AX1200 is the only PSU model which is not manufactured by Seasonic or CWT rather it is manufactured by Flextronics.

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    Re: Which one is good brand, Corsair or Seasonic

    Seasonic supposed to manufactured the PSU by own. The Corsair makes PSU which are already manufactured by other OEM and adding some additional functionality to it and resells under corsair name. So in fact corsair not in the competition with Seasonic by any mean. According to me good PSU unit should provide something more than that of it was printed on label. If we consider 80 bronze psu it would give 100 watt. However the entire thing is also dependent on PSU limiter as well.

    If you consider silver certified PSU, it has better component quality as well as design as compared to PSU certified PSU. As far as I know platinum, gold, silver terms are used to rate the efficiency of PSU. You should know that there is nothing to do with overload tests while considering an efficiency of PSU. It helps you to know what is the capability of new unit. It wont be helpful to know for what amount of time it would work under load condition

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    Re: Which one is good brand, Corsair or Seasonic

    The Bronze rated unit will not be able to touch 90% efficiency under the load condition as compared to gold rate PSU unit. Even though I noticed some Gold PSU which are completely dropped to 80% when there load was increased to 100watt. Corsair PSU supposed to generate some power as compared to Seasonic. So it would be helpful to use them on todays world computers. Even they are offering PSU at lower price so it should be fair enough to be with Corsair in my opinion.

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    Re: Which one is good brand, Corsair or Seasonic

    As far as I know Seasonic X series is same as that of Corsair AX series. Hence there would not be any issue if you select any of them. Personally I used seasonic and it was working like Charm. It was really efficient one. I recommend that you should go for 80 plus psu. HX750 and HX850 are that kind of PSU units. Corsair selling them as silver. You will noticed better modularity, improved efficiency and completely new PCB design. You should go for Corsair as it provides elongated warranty period as well as customer service.

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    Re: Which one is good brand, Corsair or Seasonic

    In simple term Seasonic are manufacturing quality product where Corsair products are enhanced from quality OEM. If you people are not having any issue with price , go for modular corsair only. However both of them are providing quality products. For average user I would recommend to go for smaller wattage psu. By assuming that you are not going to use SLI in near by future.

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    Re: Which one is good brand, Corsair or Seasonic

    The price of Seasonic X650 Series is $5 less as compared to $5 less Seasonic X750. If you don’t bother about the price then go for Seasonic X750. It wont waste your money in case you are looking to purchase good PSU.

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    Re: Which one is good brand, Corsair or Seasonic

    Well you are absolutely right. Corsair as a reseller who offers great customer service, having great marketing team as well. So actually they don’t manufacture PSU. Hence I wont consider them good brand at all. I am not having any issue with price of the PSU. Corsair AX750 is actually SeaSonic X750. However Corsair offers warranty of 7 years where as SeaSonic offers 5 year warranty. Even performance of Corsair HX850 better as compared to SeaSonic X750. Channel well are the manufactured of corsair PSU basically. They are great manufactured in my opinion. So there would not be any issue if you select Corsair as well.

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    Re: Which one is good brand, Corsair or Seasonic

    I don’t consider Corsair as power supply manufacturer rather they came into the market in the year 2006 with modular cable HX series. In 2007 they come with VX450 and VX550 and those PSUs are not having non-detachable cables. In my opinion VX450 great PSU which has been manufactured by Seasonic. Where as VX550 and TX750 are manufactured by Channel Well. TX650W showing escalating power which should be used by the graphics card which are consuming lots of power supply. Today in gaming scenario, 650W should be considered as medium range power unit. TX650 is PSU which is 80 Plus certified that means it would give 80% efficiency when load should be increased by 20%.

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    Re: Which one is good brand, Corsair or Seasonic

    You need to consider lots of things when you are supposed to select PSU. Basically what type of system you are going to use. In case you are looking to get Sli or crossfire, I think 650w PSU should be wastage of money for you. In my opinion multiple rail PSU should be best solution for you within budget. Gold, silver certified would reduce your electricity bill by few bucks only. So it wont be meaningful to purchase the same.

    There are many companies who are supposed to uses different kind of capacitors and equipments so that they can make different product series such as HX, VX, TX. Also it does effects into price of PSU unit as well. If any unit has lower build quality than it would has less amount of warranty period. I have observed that all major PSU manufactured trying to get maximum money from the users. You should go for PSU unit provides 500 - 550w power. It would be more than enough if you re not looking to use SLI or crossfire system.

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