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Thread: Samsung Galaxy S2 vs Samsung Galaxy Note vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus

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    Samsung Galaxy S2 vs Samsung Galaxy Note vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus

    I need better comparison highlight among these three devices. I am yet confuse to consult someone which one among these to buy. I found three of them as great phones for Android platform but there is a difference between the price and specs. So that I trying to find the same. I had seen some video review of this products but they are not much satisfying. What I need is proper difference and a kind of comparison if possible for all these three products. Also vote which is best among this.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 vs Samsung Galaxy Note vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus

    This are all android phones and I think this are kind of best phones in the market. Each of them has different features and specification. Till now what I had find is Samsung Galaxy S2 is good phone. It is nice acclaimed worldwide and working fine yet. While on the other hand Galaxy Note is a mixture of phone and tablet pc. So here you get an option to enjoy the feature of a phone as well as tablet. Superb touch interface and awesome performance makes Galaxy Note is must to buy product. While Galaxy Nexus is not out yet. Galaxy Nexus will offer you upgraded version of Android which is Ice Cream Sandwich. Called as Android 4.0 this version offer you a much better interface and output. It will be wrong to say that all this phones have similarities. Now there are major differences in design, operating system, interface, etc. So the choices here become complicated what to buy and what not to. The best thing is going to your nearby shop and having a demo of this product. I will recommend you to wait till Galaxy Nexus is out in the market. So that you can check each of them one by one live.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 vs Samsung Galaxy Note vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus

    It is right that this three devices differ in feature. But some of them are same. If we talk about the operating system Galaxy Nexus will be the most recent updated one. While Samsung Galaxy S2 & Samsung Galaxy Note are a bit behind in the interface. Anyhow a operating system is the one which plays a vital role is such devices. If the phone has nice looks but the interface is filthy then surely that is a flop product. The most recent version of Android is 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich while upcoming is 5.0 Jellybean. I am not sure what Galaxy Nexus will have. It depends in coming time. You can go for Galaxy Note if you are going to use this for professional purpose. Like note taking or other day to day activity. Galaxy Note is a good learning tool with much enhanced touch interface. You can utilize a number of stuff here. And Galaxy S2 is counted under the list of good phone. It has a improved interface in comparison to other Android phones in the market. So there are two choices for you in my views. First if you just need a mobile phone go for Galaxy S2 and if you need a tablet feature also then Galaxy Note is better.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 vs Samsung Galaxy Note vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus

    Galaxy Nexus will just offer you a better version of Android. I am sure there will not be any change in the hardware specs. Galaxy Nexus might also comes with 1.2Ghz processor to handle a number of operation. But it is considered that Galaxy Nexus will be more better because some minor changes in the cpu chip used inside the phone. This is required as Ice Cream Sandwich needs much better hardware to deliver better performance. The camera quality is similar with 8MP camera. Nexus will have a more enhanced HD screen with maximum 1280x800 resolution. This is already available in Galaxy Note but not in Galaxy S2. Till yet there is no final specification released about the phone. The upgrades might make users more happy here.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 vs Samsung Galaxy Note vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus

    Galaxy Note and Galaxy Nexus both are better than Galaxy S2. So if you are buying then go for Galaxy Note if you need tablet feature which consist of a widescreen, more enhanced processor, and apps. And go for Galaxy Nexus if you need a better Android smartphone.

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