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Thread: Best SSD (Solid State Drive) Manufacturer

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    Best SSD (Solid State Drive) Manufacturer

    Who is the best SSD manufacture? So if you can then vote for your preference.

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    re: Best SSD (Solid State Drive) Manufacturer

    The OCZ SSD impressed with superior performance in most of the test result. Whether sequential transfer rates, typical practical applications, or even enterprise scenarios, the SSD out unchallenged in all categories. The combination of two RAID -0 method SandForce active controllers on a PCI Express card, the high performance of course possible. Two SATA II SSDs in striped network would deliver performance similar to a. Much more surprising than the performance of the RevoDrives is the relatively small premium over a sand-force-based SSD with similar capacity. The 120-gigabyte version of the RevoDrives costs about 260 € with only 40 € more than a 2.5-inch SATA-II model of similar capacity. For example, there is the Corsair Force F120 (120 GB) with SF-1200 and MLC NAND for about $220

    Who can give up a little more emphasis on performance and increased data security, can configure the RevoDrive as RAID-1. The disadvantage can be argued the lack of RevoDrive TRIM support. Here have long experience shows that the write performance of the SSD then goes back considerably.
    All SSD individual tests we have on our overview page for Solid State Disks together. What you need to consider SSDs at, we have in our SSD Buyer's Guide together.

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    re: Best SSD (Solid State Drive) Manufacturer

    From last several i am continuous user of the Samsung and did not yet faced any problem with Samsung SSD. I will definitely recommend you to go with the Samsung SSD. Currently a 256GB SSD from Samsung to produce the industry's first highest level performance SSD. Now the Samsung SSD are most reliable then any other SSD in Market and most of the people are referring to same only. So if you can the go through the Samsung SSD and work with the same.

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    Re: Best SSD (Solid State Drive) Manufacturer

    Corsair is next to launch its 128 GB SSD, with components collected from Samsung. The manufacturer says that this model is the first of a new series of SSD signed Corsair. For the moment, so this sort Corsair SSD without major announcements, the SSD does not have very high sequential speeds: 90MB / s read and 70MB / s write. But the brand says it will not be long in forthcoming models.

    Corsair says that its SSDs, however, differ from the competition by their memory-controller, which comes from Samsung, not in micron, as the majority of SSD MLC flash memory competitors. Only Intel actually uses its own memory-controller technology.

    JMicron602 controller has made a very bad reputation, it poses many problems including, in particular the random reading frames, as explained Techarena on this page . The controller of the SSD Samsung S128 Corsair has announced far more stable, that of the SSD used Dell or Apple, for the same reasons.

    Corsair says so do not want to launch SSD does not work perfectly, although it should take longer. It is hoped that the brand will offer much higher performance SSDs soon as progress is rather fast in this area.

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    Re: Best SSD (Solid State Drive) Manufacturer

    Transcend Information (Transcend Information, Inc.) Was recently introduced a new generation ultra high speed 2.5-inch solid state drive - SSD25D series. The product uses SATA II Interface, and support function of DRAM cache to 230MB and 180MB per second read and write speeds for the ultimate performance make the best interpretation.

    Innovative research and development for the mass market production of solid-state hard drive, with its optimized design and quiet, energy-saving features, since the introduction by many consumers. To further enhance the transmission speed, Transcend SSD25D built-in 64MB Cache buffer memory, and equipped with advanced control chip, the measured results up to 230MB per second read speed and write speed of 180MB. In addition, its lower than the short 0.1 ms seek time, can speed up boot speed, improve fluency program execution, as high-end gamers, or focus on the performance of computer users, providing unprecedented speed experience.

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    Re: Best SSD (Solid State Drive) Manufacturer

    Kingston V100 SSD. Now discs incorporate, for the first time in the consumer segment, a 256 GB disk, which binds to the models 64 and 128 GB that the manufacturer already had available. They used a new NAND Flash technology which speeds the reading and writing data and the TRIM function is supported in Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Linux 02/06/1933 for the unit does not lose efficiency with use. The disks are formatted 2.5 "SATA interface and up to 3 Gbps. According to the manufacturer's data sequential read speeds of up to 250 Mbps to 230 Mbps in writing, except the 64 GB model that runs at 145 Mbps. The discs have a three year warranty and 24x7 technical support and can be purchased for € 123.36 64 GB disk, the $128- $231.29 517.67 GB and the 256 GB, when you buy the disc only . If you buy the kit (for both desktop and laptop) is added cost of 11 euros in any case.

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