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Thread: Asus Ul50ag vs Asus Ul50vt vs Asus Ul80vt

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    Asus Ul50ag vs Asus Ul50vt vs Asus Ul80vt

    i have been using an asus desktop computer and since it worked very well for the solution i would like to know which of the three laptop mentioned is the best i will be buying this laptop most probably till the 15th of the next month. please tell me vote for the best laptop so that i can get the best laptop.

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    Re: Asus Ul50ag vs Asus Ul50vt vs Asus Ul80vt

    Go for the But the UL80V is no ordinary 14-inch subnotebook. ASUS has equipped with all sorts of technical features. As one would, for the double image. In the current UL80V potter graphics chipset from Intel (GMA4500) and a dedicated Nvidia GeForce graphics card with 512 MB of G 210m DDR3 video memory.

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    Re: Asus Ul50ag vs vs Asus Ul80vt

    Despite the slim design the Asus Ul50vt is the stability of the cover look good. But as for the 13 Zoller UL30 display frame can be of especially at the corners and in the middle get over easily. During processing, however hardly be desired. The chassis has good rigidity and strength. Sun palm rest can be exaggerated until the strong pressure to force concessions.

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    Re: Asus Ul50ag vs Asus Ul50vt vs Asus Ul80vt

    Asus, we like the design and performance. Then design a cheap computer without putting a minimum of power, it is not too objective of the company. The UL80Vt then landed with a configuration very correct, without breaking the budget. On the other hand, Samsung has accustomed us to design machines that is both affordable and well finished. So i will recommend you to purchase the Asus Ul80vt.

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    Re: Asus Ul50ag vs Asus Ul50vt vs Asus Ul80vt

    The Chiclets-keybord has large detached keyboard with a good suspension and clear pressure point. The stability can also wanting. Thus to enrich the bobs left outer light attacks by heavily already. The same in the # key. Due to the instability arises when writing a slight rattle, which clouds the writing comfort.

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