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    Best Smartphone launched at MWC 2010

    The Mobile World Congress 2010 event is taking place in Barcelona, Spain. And in the first two days of this event there have been a number of smartphones being launched. These include Android phones and Windows Mobile both. So here are a few shortlisted smartphones- Garmin-Asus M10, Garmin-Asus A50, PUMA Phone and Motorola Quench.

    Garmin-Asus M10:
    Garmin-Asus launched the M10 Windows Mobile at the MWC 2010. This Garmin-Asus have labeled this smartphone as the ideal smartphone for business use. It is a touch screen mobile handset. The built-in 3D Task Manager allows the user to browse through a number of running applications.

    Garmin-Asus A50:
    Garmin-Asus also launched the A50 smartphone at the MWC 2010. This is a Android-powered touchscreen smartphone. It incorporates Google mobile services. The cityXplorer maps are also supported.

    The much awaited and talked about smartphone from PUMA AG and Sagem Wireless was finally showcased as the PUMA PHONE at the MWC 2010. So for anyone on look for a unique, sporty smartphone the PUMA PHONE might turn out to be the absolute choice.

    Motorola Quench:
    Motorola announced the Quench or Cliq XT smartphone at this year's MWC. This is currently powered by Android 1.5 mobile platform. It also inhabbits a Moto BLUR interface. It has 5 MG camera. The price is not yet known.

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    Puma Phone

    I would go for the PUMA PHONE. Though a relatively new smartphone, but it seems to be really unique phone. I have used the Android and Windows Mobile smartphones and this for me seems to be a different phones. The looks of this phone are also sporty. It features a 3.2 megapixel camera with 2.8 inch thumbable screen. It availability is expected to be around April - May 2010.

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    Motorola Quench

    For me the Motorola Quench seems to be very interesting. I am a Motorola mobile user and I was awaiting for this Android smartphone release from Motorola. Though there is no official announcement on the price and release of this smartphone but it is expected to be out by the end on February 2010.

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