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    Best Photo editing tool

    Hi friends,

    We are working for our firm on creating a nice logo for it. It will also include some nice graphic background. This logo will appear on all the pages of our company. Also that will appear in the form of watermark on all the web pages of the company as well. For that we are thinking to have an original photo editing software that will help us create and enhance various photos to practice on it.

    I got some nice options with me that my friend suggested. But he is unsure which is the best among these. So I want suggestions from you experts on these softwares. Also creating a poll for it. The 1 with maximum votes will be selected for use

    Waiting for a hooping response from all the graphic experts
    Warning: I have an attitude and I know how to use it.

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    Re: Best Photo editing tool

    My votes for JASC Paint Shop Pro. I have used it and is a nice software.

    Paintshop Pro 9 is a brilliant graphics program. Once you get the hang of it the only thing holding you back is your imagination. Photo fixing in this programme is a doddle. The free animation shop you get with it is great and easy to use.

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    Re: Best Photo editing tool

    Try The GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program). With all the plugins available, many people like it much better than PhotoShop. My votes for GIMP.

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    Re: Best Photo editing tool

    Corel Paint Shop

    Many people are still drawn to Adobe Photoshop even after the amazing version 10 release of Paint Shop Pro, for me it is a serious rival for a lot less money. Continuing on the Paint Shop Pro tradition version 11 is a welcome update. Well worth taking a look, there is a trial on the Corel website. I certainly recommend!

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    Re: Best Photo editing tool


    I like to say that my best vote goes to photo shop, as i have done lot of works in that and I find it very comfortable while working with it.

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