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Thread: What is Intel Thermal Framework

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    What is Intel Thermal Framework

    I am trying to understand Intel Thermal Framework. What is this. Is it a new kind of feature for overclocking. As the name suggest it looks like a kind of cooling solution for new processor. How can I find if a processor I have has this feature. Or if I am going for a new cpu then how can I find that the particular model has this feature supported. And how to turn this thing on. Many high end processors by Intel are quiet effective when it comes to overclocking. As it work really well and does not use up much power. And when it comes to AMD it heats a lot. I had seen that. Does anyone is using this new feature.

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    Re: What is Intel Thermal Framework

    It is a new kind of solution for Intel processors. It effectively manage the power and thermal part. When a processor consumes more power, it generates more heat. And in overclocking it is obvious that to perform at higher clock rate, the cpu will need more power. So Intel came up with Intel DPTF. It is called as Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework. It gives you some set of settings that you can use to keep the processor working well on usage. It is a new of new architecture that can make a cpu more efficient. It can be implemented through the BIOS. But with this if you are having good cooling solution then overclocking becomes more safe.

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    Re: What is Intel Thermal Framework

    It is a new kind of firmware that will offer a better thermal management. As we can see today overclocking is getting more and more common. So this thing is applied in high end processors so that you can control heat more accurately. It also target less noise from the cpu fan. You will need a updated hardware to use this thing. It is also helpful for mobile platforms where heating is a problem. Especially in laptops and in netbooks. The system get hot when you are working for longer period and it affect the overall performance. So new upcoming systems might be lot more cooler and better.

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