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Thread: Is Windows 10 stable for Overclocking

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    Is Windows 10 stable for Overclocking

    Windows 10 will be the most latest version. Yet I had seen many overclockers are mostly testing their system on Windows 7. And yet I had not seen anyone working much on Windows 8 or the latest one Windows 10. So when it comes to a stable overclocking I just want to find out that will Windows 10 be stable or not. Most of the gaming system that I had seen, has Windows 7 in them. Overclocking will be very common in coming time. Which will boost up cpu performance more through a auto overclock utility. But in future all pc will have to upgrade to Windows 10. Hope that does not put much impact on the performance.

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    Re: Is Windows 10 stable for Overclocking

    Right-now I had not find anything special about Windows 10. I am having a gaming pc and I had yet not upgraded to Windows 8. Windows 7 is the best OS till yet. It is fast and it is compatible with various hardware. It is also easy to optimize it. I had seen people already complaining about low game performance on Windows 8. And here Windows 10 is going to take a long time to get improved. Overclocking is the next stage. Microsoft have to work on the performance part first. So that more and more hardware can be compatible and work well with new OS.

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    Re: Is Windows 10 stable for Overclocking

    Windows 10 looks promising but you have to wait for stable version. The current edition is in beta and this is not stable. So many are facing issue. But in future when a final version is out you can still get more from that. Windows 8 is not really for overclocking. I had seen that. And it is also not for gaming. The best Os till yet is Windows 7. We can hope that Windows 10 would come to be a better upgrades for users. Because it has a bit complicated to shift to a new UI completely. People are already facing trouble is using Windows 8 and now Windows 10 is under process. Hope this bring better changes.

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    Re: Is Windows 10 stable for Overclocking

    If you are having a good system then you can overclock on any OS. Windows 10 is not having the final edition right-now. So there can be some kind of stability issue. But you can test by running a test. There are many benchmarking software which will provide you detailed information on the same. Like Prime95 or OCCT. This software are the best one to find out whether overclocking will be stable on your system or not. For that you have to run this and leave the pc aside. Without proper cooler overclocking is not possible. Today liquid cooler is the only best option to keep the cpu alive.

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    Re: Is Windows 10 stable for Overclocking

    It is better to wait until a final version is out. Microsoft will provide a beta edition which will have lots of bugs fixes. Rightnow you can see after a regular time interval Microsoft is releasing build updates. This update remove old bugs and add a few extra features. For overclocking there is not much news. I had seen many overclockers who are still on Windows 7 due to many reason. No doubt that the final version of Windows 10 will also be lot more better. It will be stable and can allow overclocking applications to perform well. But I am doubtful about the old applications.

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    Re: Is Windows 10 stable for Overclocking

    Overclocking mostly depends on the hardware according to me. Like you are having a compatible processor, and board with reliable overclocking utilities in it. It is not going to work well if the hardware is not good enough. You need a latest processor with good cooling support. Or else it wont be easy to use. Cooling plays a very important role here. The best I think is liquid cooler which are cheaper now a days and in future I am quiet sure most of the air coolers are going to get replaced. That is because the gaming requirement is rising and processors are getting more powerful.

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