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Thread: overclocking programs for Core2 Quad Q6700

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    overclocking programs for Core2 Quad Q6700

    I have recently purchased a new Radeon R9 290X graphics card and am using it on an old system that has Intel Core2 Quad Q6700 CPU. Since this video card is high end and CPU is pretty old, so there should definitely be some bottleneck issue. That is why I was wondering if I can overclock this CPU a little so that I dont get bottleneck issues with the graphics card. Also if there is any automated tool for overclocking purpose then please suggest it to me since manually I am a bit scared able to do this. Thanks

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    Re: overclocking programs for Core2 Quad Q6700

    Well, I am not sure whether overclocking this old Intel Core2 Quad Q6700 would help a bit from bottleneck issues but still you can give it a go. As for the software, you can use MSI Afterburner that gives you the ability to change the frequency of the GPU or CPU, video memory and Shaders and to change the speed of the fans as well. You can also create different profiles and save your configurations.

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    Re: overclocking programs for Core2 Quad Q6700

    Since its an Intel CPU, so you can use the Intel Desktop Control Center software. This application is developed by Intel and characterized by a user interface (GUI) extremely engaging and feature-rich, targeted both for hardware control, by monitoring the temperature in the crucial points of the motherboard, fan speed and current usage as a percentage for the main components of the system. It also lets you to tweak and optimize the performance of the CPU, by changing it from the options given and without the need to access the BIOS of the motherboard.

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    Re: overclocking programs for Core2 Quad Q6700

    Another tool for overclocking that you can use is SetFSB. This program allows you to change the CPU frequency by applying a new value on the FSB of the motherboard. Offering an interface and access to a quick start, the software is suitable for beginners but also for more experienced users with its multitude of options. SetFSB also has an option "Ultra FSB" to increase the FSB over its ability to achieve a very high frequency. But be careful about overclocking, increasing the frequency causes an increase in CPU temperature. So, it is better to have a good cooling system before starting this kind of manipulation.

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