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Thread: Intel Core i7-5820K overclocking hangs

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    Intel Core i7-5820K overclocking hangs

    I am overclocking my Intel Core i7-5820K CPU on Asrock 99x Extreme 6 motherboard with 1000W Power Supply and 8GB of RAM. The memory are not overclocked. I can raise the CPU chip to 3.9 quite easily but when there is anything involving graphics like games or video editing then my computer will just hang. I am using a GTX 970 video card and have the latest drivers installed for it. To get my pc working again I have to shut down and turn on the computer again. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Intel Core i7-5820K overclocking hangs

    There are many CPUs in the market and each of them are little different with one another, so try to start with little jumps one by one. First of all test the stability and then monitor the temperatures and according to it go up a little more. If you get a crash then add a little more voltage. The main part is that only the CPU heat and temperature will let you know how far you can overclock the Intel Core i7-5820K CPU, unless you got a good heatsink or radiator.

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    Re: Intel Core i7-5820K overclocking hangs

    I have recently build a new computer for a friend with Intel Core i7-5820k CPU on a Asus X99 deluxe motherboard. There seems to be a five way optimization software which already came with the motherboard that can be used to perform a one click overclock and he got overclock stats upto 4.4ghz with that method. It was very easy, so I think that you need to play with the voltages in BIOS manually to get to 4.4 or higher if you want.

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    Re: Intel Core i7-5820K overclocking hangs

    If the overclocking hangs up then try to do smaller intervals since your overclock doesnt seem stable and try to increase the voltage as well. If there is too few voltage given to the CPU then it could start freezing of the computer even if it appears to be a graphics problem. You should also try to turn off the easy overclock and start from stock settings going upwards. Most of the time easy and auto overclocking programs doesnt work good occasionally.

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