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Thread: Is Air cooling enough on AMD FX9590

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    Is Air cooling enough on AMD FX9590

    AMD FX9590 is a quiet high end processor. I am into process of building a decent gaming pc and for that I am planing to go for this cpu. But here my friends suggest me to go with liquid cooler. This is exceeding the budget much higher. And here if I go with liquid cooler then the cpu case which I had selected will not fit well. I am going to use automated tools for overclocking. That is mostly done by the motherboard turbo boost utility. So just want to know that does that work well on air cooling.

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    Re: Is Air cooling enough on AMD FX9590

    Well if you are gong to boost the cpu temperature even a little one then it is essential that you must simply go ahead and use a good portable liquid cooler. It will be great for your cpu life also. You can use it for longer period if you want. It happens that when you use any applications or games then the cpu might consume more power and this processing thing will make it more hotter. But if there is a liquid cooler then it will remain cooler and will perform more properly.

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    Re: Is Air cooling enough on AMD FX9590

    It is right. Anyhow your cpu is going to heat when you will be playing games at maximum resolution. And if you are going to use any turbo boost kind of utility in your system then it will also increase the heating more. The best thing here you can try doing is get a big size fan for your processor. You can find that in the market. This fans are having aluminum heat pipes which are capable of drawing out heat more easily than the regular one. Your processor is high end do not trust any low end coolers on the same.

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