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Thread: Intel Core i7-5960X and SLI question

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    Intel Core i7-5960X and SLI question

    After a long period of years, I am now looking to sell my old computer and going to build a new one. I am looking for a motherboard that can support Intel Core i7-5960X and 4 way SLI with GTX 980 graphics card with some sort of cooler. I want to know if any of those will bottleneck without the CPU overclocking? Also, which CPU cooler will be the best to purchase for the 4 way SLI of this video card and for the CPU, RAM, motherboard? Thanks for any information.

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    Re: Intel Core i7-5960X and SLI question

    It will not be a good idea to go with a 4-way SLI, I have a doubt on it but still a 2 way will be most preferable. You will definitely see for yourself that you will get good performance with 2-way SLI with GTX 980's. As for the motherboard and RAM, you dont really require watercooling in most of the instances, however for motherboard possibly if you are really trying to go for high overclocking.

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    Re: Intel Core i7-5960X and SLI question

    The Nvidia GTX 980 graphics card is a normal GPU and you wont be able to 4-way sli with it. The best thing that you can try to do is go for a 3 way sli with a 4th for physx. If you want to go for 4 way sli then it can be only achieved with a 2 GTX 690 video card or any Nvidia card that comes with 2 GPUs on one card. You should also note that SLI does not perform so well after putting 2 cards in combination. For the watercooling you can search for the water blocks for the GTX 980s to check what cards it will support.

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    Re: Intel Core i7-5960X and SLI question

    Yes, even I agree that only 2x and 3x SLI exist but 4x SLI will never exist anywhere. You can also easily find a waterblock and fit a video card to it quite easily. There is an EVGA card with hydrocopper that you can take advantage of because it comes with the block already on it. Normally the Hydro cards cost more than a normal video card but if you buy it seperately along with a video card then it costs less than the actual price.

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