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Thread: Intel Core i7-4790K temp rises to 99C

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    Intel Core i7-4790K temp rises to 99C

    I am using a CORSAIR Hydro Series H110 cooler on my Intel Core i7-4790K CPU and have overclocked it to 4.5ghz with 1.3v per core which looks to be stable. The issue is that when I am using the Prime95 software then it will not go beyond 72 degree celcius but it seems that the ibt has it going around at 99 degree celcius. I have already reseated the cooler with a thermal paste but still it doesnt work? Any ideas how to solve this problem? Thanks

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    Re: Intel Core i7-4790K temp rises to 99C

    Since you are using a Haswell processor, it usually overheats around 1.25v on the vcore, what you can do is, just back the overclock down to a little. Either you can try this or you might also try delidding the CPU but you should know that you might run the risk of damaging it and ofcourse voiding the warranty as well. Another thing that you can try is to re-apply the termal paste all over the CPU again which may be on too thick or thin. In any case, I will say that your temperature is right in line with what you have used the current settings now.

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    Re: Intel Core i7-4790K temp rises to 99C

    I would first of all ask you to ensure that you are not adding too much of thermal paste on the CPU which might be the problem in your case. The proper suggestions is to use a pea size amount of the thermal paste for a 32nm processor which means that you need only a rice sized dab. Can you tell us where exactly the pump power connected to? I assume that the pump is not getting the required voltage for the optimal RAM.

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    Re: Intel Core i7-4790K temp rises to 99C

    Yes, even I would urge you to repaste and make sure that you have got it clamped down tight but not too tight in the way. I think that you might be having some air bubbles trapped in the TIM due to excessive material. As per what I have read from the overclockers, that chip must be at 1.25v with a higher multiplier for stable overclock. But note that you will be getting a normal temperature reading in the 90 degree celcius or such. I would suggest you to set the Vcore to 1.20v and also set all cores to 46x and then save and restart to check how much do you get.

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