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Thread: amd radeon hd 8850m overclocking

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    amd radeon hd 8850m overclocking

    I recently bought a new laptop that has AMD Radeon HD 8850M graphics card onboard. The 8850M has only 574mhz core clock so I was wondering if I can overclock this video card? Will there be any performance gain that I will notice or not? Also, will it affect the temperature on the laptop to a great extent? Do you think that it will be a good idea to get a cooling pad? Thanks for any information.

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    Re: amd radeon hd 8850m overclocking

    I will not recommend you to overclock anything on your laptop. There is not much cooling equipments available for a laptop when you are overclocking it and hence your laptop will get overheated due to which its life will be shorten to a greater extent. So, it is not a good idea to overclock a laptop but overclocking a desktop would be fine as there are many coolers available that can easily accommodate inside a computer case. Also, you wont notice any performance gain overclocking that onboard graphics.

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    Re: amd radeon hd 8850m overclocking

    Well, I think that Radeon HD 8850M is an underclocked 8870M graphics card, so you can overclock it without any problems. All you need to look at is the temperature that might go at high rates but it will be still safe if you can put a good cooling equipment. You can try to overclock the core to 725Mhz and the memory to 1125Mhz, just try to keep the temperature below 68 degree celcius. You can even try to use some software like MSI Afterburner and Speedfan to tweak the overclocking.

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    Re: amd radeon hd 8850m overclocking

    There is also a power saving feature which is called AMD PowerPlay that can lower the clocks at the time when the system gets idle or the GPU is not needed much. Hence the overclock ad the PCIe bandwidth is lowered and iGPU is used to conserve battery and lower heat output. When you will do a benchmark test to take the graphics to the max performance then you will notice that the clocks will almost raise to 625mhz on core and 1000mhz on memory, which usually will be the stock overclock rate.

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