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Thread: overclocking Nvidia GTX 765m graphics

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    overclocking Nvidia GTX 765m graphics

    I have an old laptop that has Nvidia GTX 765m graphics card in it onboard. I dont think that this video card is too powerful and therefore I was thinking if I can overclock this laptops GPU without any issues. Do I need to get a good cooler to cool the card down after overclocking it. How much can we overclock a laptop's GPU? I am assuming that overclocking will make too much of heat and will also draw too much of power? Will that be safe? Thanks

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    Re: overclocking Nvidia GTX 765m graphics

    I will not recommend you to overclock your laptop's onboard nvidia graphics card because the best you can get is only 5% of performance increase which is not at all noticeable. There is a huge risk involved as well and once the GPU inside the laptop is fried then the laptop is done. It will also overheat the laptop more than a normal PC. When you overclock the Laptops GPU then you are not only destroying the GPU but also other components as well.

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    Re: overclocking Nvidia GTX 765m graphics

    Yes, I agree with the above comments. Also, when you will take your burned laptop for repairing then it will also cost your hundreds since the laptop parts are available per model. The overheating can also affect the processor and might damage it as well. You will also get not more than 2 FPS benefit when you will overclock the GPU. You should also play the games in lower resolution since a laptop screen is very small. When you will play in HD then it will definitely max out your GPU's performance.

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    Re: overclocking Nvidia GTX 765m graphics

    Well, it is not good to overclock a laptop's gpu but if you want then you can overclock it without overvolting. Just make sure to keep an eye on the temperature and there must not be any issues. You can try to use MSI Afterburner software to overclock your onboard GPU in your laptop and can achieve 20-30% performance depending on the game that you will play. Anything above 80 degrees temperature is considered to be hot, so try to keep it below this line.

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