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Thread: What is the use of Extreme Tuning Utility by Intel

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    What is the use of Extreme Tuning Utility by Intel

    Intel had recently launched a utility called as Extreme Tuning Utility. I am looking for a bit detail information on this. Is it is a overclocking software. I am unable to find any proper solution for the same. I had seen it on web where many says that it is some kind of bios tweaking app. What does it means. Most of this kind of apps are simply designed for overclocking system.

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    Re: What is the user of Extreme Tuning Utility by Intel

    It is a overclocking utility which has more newer upgrade and additional features. You can simply try the same if you have a intel board. Intel has done certain major changes in that making it more better for gamers. I do not think it will work on any other hardware.

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    Re: What is the user of Extreme Tuning Utility by Intel

    Extreme Tuning Utility allows you to overclock your cpu at extreme level. It has a additional upgrade which is recently added by Intel called as Apptune. Through which you can simply boost your performance to great extent. Now if this utility is installed in your system there is no need to go in the bios and modify the settings. It is a all in one solution. A number of time it is a bit confusing to go in bios and manage all the voltage manually. But through this you can simply do advance options easily through simple clicks. Overclocking through bios is also risky. because if you do wrong settings you might burn the cpu completely. This risk always lies at the time of using up settings from the bios. But through Extreme Tuning Utility you have more reliable solution and strong way of overclocking the system. There are advance settings which are helpful to many but of no use to a regular gamer. Also if your overclocking settings are not proper the lifespan of cpu is reduced. The utility is amazing enough to offer great overclocking output.

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    Re: What is the use of Extreme Tuning Utility by Intel

    Never overclock without testing your system.Because it can give you serious problem. There are number of testing software available on web which gives you a clear log report at the end. It tells you straight whether the cpu is capable of handling the pressure or not.

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    Re: What is the use of Extreme Tuning Utility by Intel

    Extreme tuning utility is a good software. But also you must try to go with certain safe test before going ahead. Now the utility is loaded with advance solution through which you can overclocking and boost the output. but there is no guarantee that it will give you extreme overclocking solution. Intel is also working on some new processors which will be more reliable in terms of overclocking. Like staying cooler on extreme pressure. The new architecture which was released recently was build on low power consumption. It worked really well. But whichever app releases in the market overclocking is always a risky process. It can damage the hardware completely causing severe problem.

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