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Thread: overclocking with Asus M5A97

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    overclocking with Asus M5A97

    I am using Asus M5A97 motherboard and I have never done overclocking on it because I am just curious to do it or not. Is this board capable enough for overclocking or not? If it is suitable then can anyone tell me what should be the maximum voltage that should be safe to use on this motherboard? I am using a AMD FX-6300 processor with it. Thanks for any information.

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    Re: overclocking with Asus M5A97

    The Asus M5A97 motherboard that you have is good enough for overclocking so you can definitely go for the overclocking and the board will be able to handle it properly. Just remember that you should not go over 1.5v core, until it gives any stability issues beyond that, and you can expect a gaining ratio of atleast 4.5ghz for sure.

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    Re: overclocking with Asus M5A97

    Yes, you have got a good motherboard and there are also some straight forward automatic settings that will confirm the fixed value for whatever you put it. You can keep on raising the multi by one digit at a particular time and just leave the system to do the rest to set itself for a normal overclocking. Hope this helps.

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    Re: overclocking with Asus M5A97

    You can also get a stable overclocking by turning off Cool N quiet features and also turn off any other energy saving features in the CPU setting. After that if you want to can turn them back on if you are getting good readings. Also try to set the RAM voltage manually to 1.46 if left at auto and then bump up with 200mhz and then 400mhz slowly.

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