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Thread: error "NVIDIA control panel application 4.3.790.0" when overclocking GT520

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    error "NVIDIA control panel application 4.3.790.0" when overclocking GT520

    Hi, I have a pc running Nvidia graphics card GT 520. I heard that overclocking video card will give tremendous performance while gaming or video encoding or such. So, as I am new to overclocking, I thought why not give it a try, but when I tried to perform an overcloking of GT 520 card by changing some settings in the system tool, I got an error message saying that "NVIDIA control panel application 4.3.790.0 and window is trying to find a solution and this program should be closed". It seems to an issue with driver, but am not very much sure, please assist me what can I do to solve this issue. Thank you for any solution.

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    Re: error "NVIDIA control panel application 4.3.790.0" when overclocking GT520

    Which version of nvidia drivers are you using? And have you tried to open the Nvidia Control Panel successfully without any error message or the same that you are getting? Can you try some old graphics driver and then try to overclock the card properly? There are many third party tools as well that can be used to overclock nvidia video cards like NTune, MSI Afterburner, etc, test the overclocking with this software and see if you get similar kind of error or not. Why dont you also try to reinstall the same driver that is installed in your computer and see this time if NVIDIA control panel is not giving any sort of trouble when overclocking.

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    Re: error "NVIDIA control panel application 4.3.790.0" when overclocking GT520

    Actually, the tool that you are using for overclocking (Nvidia system tools) is the worst software that can be used for overclocking, so dont use it. Another short story is that, GT 520 is a very old card and it is useless to overclock it as you will get minimal performance raise, and with that sort of clocked speed you wont see any difference while gaming or even while video editing, it is just pointless because it is a very low end card.
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    Re: error "NVIDIA control panel application 4.3.790.0" when overclocking GT520

    Well, even after installing the older or newer version of driver has not worked for you, then check to make sure if the video card is not overheating when you perform an overclock. You can try to remove the side panel of the CPU case and see whether you get a tremendous amount of heat producing or you can even use temp monitoring software to check the temperature of the graphics card. If there are many dust accumulated over the fans or on the GT 520 then clean it out as well and then try to overclock it. For monitoring the temperature you can use the SIW software

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