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Thread: Are there benefits of overclocking a RAM than CPU

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    Are there benefits of overclocking a RAM than CPU

    I had gone through number of threads which are based on overclocking. At some part there were users who are discussing on overclocking ram. Will there is any benefit in overclocking ram. What are the precaution that one should take and what things must be avoided.

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    Re: Are there benefits of overclocking a RAM than CPU

    It depends on your need. By overclocking ram, people can take advantage of more physical memory. What happens when you overclock your cpu your processing power is increased. But on the same hand to handle temporary operations is still limited due to ram limitation. To avoid that thing, people overclock ram so that they can gain smoother performance. According to my experience there is no really benefit here. Ram can only be overclocked if you have common model in your system. It means whatever ram sticks you have must be uniform in technical specification or else your system may crash. Overclocking ram is quiet simple in comparison to cpu. Because in cpu you need to ensure that the processor does not heat up. Heating is the real enemy of your system. You must carry out safe and easy methods to overclock your system.This is quiet necessary in gaming performance. There are tools like cpuz which can give you the right details of your system hardware. If you have two sticks in your system check both have common mhz. They should not differ. If you have a latest motherboard in your system then you can simply use the overclocking utility in bios to gain better speed. Some bios also help you to save your existing overclocking profile.

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    Re: Are there benefits of overclocking a RAM than CPU

    I do not agree with overclocking ram here. Because that can cause severe issue in your system. You must stay safe with cpu by using a good overclocking tool and only those model which supports this. Also a good liquid cooler can help your system stay stable for longer time.

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    Re: Are there benefits of overclocking a RAM than CPU

    If you are unsure about overclocking you can test your system by using OCCT and Prime95. Similar to that there is a tool which test RAM called as Memtest. This tool helps to find the ram stability. You can run this from bootable disc. If you found that your system ram is not stable or if there is any kind of error then I will not recommend you to overclock your system. Overclocking is a process by which you increase your cpu memory by a tweaking software. There are special cpu model build to handle overclocking pressure. To start with this I will recommend you to go on web and read some articles based on overclocking. There are good tools that are available.

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    Re: Are there benefits of overclocking a RAM than CPU

    Before overclocking a Ram you must first know why it is needed. Does it is compulsory to overclock your ram to gain more performance. In simple language by overclocking your ram you can gain more system performance. Application will be launched faster, game will work nicely, you can archive or conversion job will be done much faster, etc. This are the things that usually need good ram. Overclocking ram can help your system to gain performance without the need of buying a new ram. Overclocking forces your ram to work on faster rate and increase slow performance. But remember that if this is not done properly or if your ram is not capable or handling overclocking, then it can stop working. If you have multiple ram then each of them must have common specification to perform this operation. Ram play a small part in overclocking It is responsible for your regular system operation. So if your ram does not support, simply do not play with it.

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