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Thread: Intel i5 3570K overclocking on ASUS P8Z77-V

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    Intel i5 3570K overclocking on ASUS P8Z77-V

    I am overclocking Intel i5 3570K which is connected ASUS P8Z77-V motherboard. I am overclocking for the first time and I have managed to raise the frequency of my processor till 4.3 GHz. At present, I have set the values of the VCore to 1.243 V at offset of -0.01 V. The LLC is set to ultra-high settings. The voltage that I have set is the lowest at which my computer is able to do successful benchmarking using 3DMark. I have even done certain stress tests by running Prime95 on my current settings. I also played Saints Row the Third on my computer and all went fine without a single crash for an hour. Also the temperature of my CPU at these settings is 92 degree Celsius. I wanted to ask, whether my temperature is high? Also how do I control the temperature of my computer and increase the frequency of Intel i5 3570Kmore than present level?

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    Re: Intel i5 3570K overclocking on ASUS P8Z77-V

    I think that you should try reducing the offset of VCore to -0.05 V. During this reduction of VCore’s offset, see to it that you are also decreasing rinse. Try it till you achieve stability on the lowest. Try overclocking with LLC set to normal. This will reduce the voltage consumption and will also give you some extra headroom to change values of other attributes. Since you are new to overclocking, I’ll suggest that you go on this process bit slowly. You need to understand properties and the changes that occur in a system due to overclocking. Directly jumping on to the hardcore overclocking might lead to disaster without proper knowledge.

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    Re: Intel i5 3570K overclocking on ASUS P8Z77-V

    The temperature that you have mentioned, that is 92 degree Celsius is very high and you need to bring it down for safe overclocking. Prolonged use of computer in environment with such high temperature can cause damage to the peripherals which can be beyond repairs. The approximate temperature during overclocking should be around 60 to 70 degree Celsius. If your temperature is going as high as 92 degree Celsius, then you need to use more cooling fans and heatsinks. Whenever I do overclocking on any computer, I prefer keeping the side panel open for that time. It helps in the hot air to get out of the CPU cabinet. If you use a liquid cooling system, then you can achieve the same overclocking results at a temperature of 50 to 60 degree Celsius. Also see to it that you are providing sufficient voltage to your computer while overclocking. Low voltages can cause the peripherals to underperform and thus disturb the overclocking results.

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