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Thread: How to Overclock AMD Processor to 3Ghz

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    How to Overclock AMD Processor to 3Ghz

    I had made this thread to find out support for reaching 3Ghz clock rate frequency on AMD processor. I had not seen the maximum limit but some says that they had even reached to 4Ghz. That would too higher for a regular system. So staying at the safer side 3Ghz is something can be achieved with regular tools and a normal air cooling system. I had seen some of the processors supports stable overclocking @ 3Ghz without frying out the system. Now performing overclocking is not a issue, but keeping the system stable on that temperature for longer time is what matters. I had seen that the system simply crashed on 2.7 on a low range cpu. I did not tried to overclock that back again but I noticed that cpu has become more slower after overclocking. I need info how to get 3Ghz+ on AMD. I do not want to go for any other cpu this time. Right-now I had seen that overclocking on AMD is quiet successful than Intel.

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    Re: How to Overclock AMD Processor to 3Ghz

    Whenever you are going to do that stuff you must check the limit of your process. There are ample of tools that can do the job for you. Like OCCT or Prime95. This tools can test your system stability and provide you information that your cpu might or might not stand that rate of overclocking. If you do that forcefully you are simply reducing the life of your processor.

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    Re: How to Overclock AMD Processor to 3Ghz

    You can go for overclocking with any latest processor. All it matter is what motherboard you choose. Boards like Asus Sabertooth comes with better capacitor support which can work in harsh conditions. Also there is a overclocking utility configured in the bios itself. So you do not need to rely on any other third party tool for overclocking. That is also more stable. Reaching 3Ghz is not easy. You need a number of settup for the same. First a latest cpu with better heatsink or liquid cooling which ever is better. So that it can keep your cpu cooler when heat is generated due to overclocking. Second you need a better power supply to meet the needs of overclocking. Your regular psu is if not enough then it can degrade the life of processor. Third a appropriate utility to ensure what is the status of cpu temperature. You can go slowly by increasing the cpu frequency one by one to find what is the maximum limit you can reach. That is the last where you can overclock. And if you try to push further your system will crash. It is necessary that you check all the points before overclocking.

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    Re: How to Overclock AMD Processor to 3Ghz

    Try AMD Phenom II X4 Black Edition processor. This is a right processor for overclocking. Till yet I had seen many reach 3Ghz without error. This is a good frequency to go for. What you need is right cooler to do this processor or else you can never get the frequency ratio.
    Voltage on AMD Phenom II X4 960T 3GHz 95W

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