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Thread: Which Overclocking options available in Intel DZ68DB

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    Which Overclocking options available in Intel DZ68DB

    I have Intel DZ68DB motherboard. Previously I am having Asus motherboard. I want to do some basic overclocking with this board. So I want to know actually what are the options available for overclocking in Intel DZ68DB. as my information the Intel board has turbo option which has preset percentage of overclcoking . We can overclock system by 2%, 4%, 8% respectively. But don’t know whether those options are available for DZ68DB. Since I don’t have Intel board previously I don’t know how to setup it. So help will be great full.

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    Re: Which Overclocking options available in Intel DZ68DB

    I have read your question. As per my information I will say that the core i5-2500k and -2600k are the CPU which can be overclocked. You can increase the multiplier of the CPU through the bios. This can help you to improve the performance of the system. Don’t try to change the frequency of the RAM and CPU or changing the voltage it will cause problems. Those setting can be done with extreme boards. You can information of board through the manual. You can go to Intel site and download the manual for more information. As my information says you don’t need to overclock the system. It will be done automatically for i5 and i7. Turbo boost will be automatically done for those processors.

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    Re: Which Overclocking options available in Intel DZ68DB

    I have some information about the motherboards bios performance features. Check it. It can be useful for you. As I know you can do base clock frequency adjustment trough this board.
    The bios has following options to improve the performance when using core i7, core i5 and core i3
    ->adjust processor multiplier can be adjusted.
    ->processor turbo ratio
    ->Processor base clock frequency
    ->memory voltage adjustment
    ->memory multiplier adjustment
    This is the options available for you in this board. So try it to adjust as required.

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    Re: Which Overclocking options available in Intel DZ68DB

    I have Intel DP67DE. In this board the maximum non turbo ratio is 33x which we can adjust. To overclock you need to change the multiplier to higher level. I am keeping it to 44x. it will overclock the system. But only problem with this board is that it will be only for some time after some time it will goes down again. I think it’s due to I reach the thermal maximum limit. My thermal settings are really high.

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    Re: Which Overclocking options available in Intel DZ68DB

    I am got this board few days back. It has actually z68 chipset which will support the overclocking. It’s actually not a high end board. So you cannot have that much option and support for overclocking. It’s not the overclock friendly. I have intel core i7-2600K. Which can be overclocked with it.since the board is not that much friendly for overclocking but the processor is overclock friendly. Therefore I am trying to overclock this board. I tried to overclock is options of 2%, 4% and 8% settings. I have selected 8% and it successfully overclocked the CPU. And there is no problem I am facing.

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