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Thread: How to overclock nvidia video bios on dell notebook?

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    How to overclock nvidia video bios on dell notebook?

    Due to the recent increase of people who do evil flashes were issuing a warning if you are going to flash your video card BIOS create certain you are by way of the accurate BIOS flash with one more face of the shock of the display is
    • entirely dark and the call to Dell technical support.
    • Rev 0 ver #
    • Rev 1 ver #

    As you can see are two different versions of the BIOS. The easiest way to find out what you have is to reboot your laptop and press F2 when you see the Dell screen to enter the BIOS of the laptop. That clearly needs to be able to see the card of Revelation is by comparing version numbers. Once you've determined that you have to create a note of it and then go on to the subsequently page to the madness of Overclocking.

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    Re: How to overclock nvidia video bios on dell notebook?

    My friend has entered the settings of the operating mode of the 2500M 7900GS/GTX and so there is no need to restart the computer and then burn your video card BIOS to change the clock frequencies. This is something we have everything needed for a long time, and on top of which should give confidence people paranoid about flashing in the first place to give it a shot.

    This is the real deal guys, I unlocked the BIOS showed GTX and it works just similar to now. I can change the clock frequencies from side to side ATITool now and / or the NV control panel if I want modders today. I must admit I was a bit critical of you at first, but I really have been working very hard to get this working. Time optimization of memory is a type of reverse engineering GSX mod, nevertheless it works as it should (a little like watching 7900GTX word in the control panel.

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    Re: How to overclock nvidia video bios on dell notebook?

    Poke too soon, I guess the mod works up great until Windows restarts then no matter what always will default to the values of the shares. You need to see if you can isolate the trigger BIOS that controls the clock frequencies after a reset. Even through Cool bits that will not reinstate my clock speeds chosen at boot time, make the VGA BIOS reset forces a call. So we have a great first step so far. We may change clock speeds and try different things to find our optimum, but in the end we still have to make another flash to get the configuration adheres.

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    Re: How to overclock nvidia video bios on dell notebook?

    The choice really is to you that the file you make a decision to make use of. I utilize the BIOS has not be GTX reminiscence latency "optimized". GTX latencies principles are the similar as the latencies that was posted concerning in an additional thread that should not actually be any dissimilarity at all flanked by 79GTXUNV.rom and 79GTXUOV.rom. At least there is no difference I've found. I I can safely watch my memory to 825MHz without artifacting with the stock unlocked BIOS.

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    Re: How to overclock nvidia video bios on dell notebook?

    Considering that Dell is the only company that blocks clock speed through the BIOS, I'm not really worried. Now you can overclock like any other adapter "normal" graphics. Besides that, I overclocked video cards should I ever had. Not once have I had a failure due to my lack of caring for overclocking. Dell blocking functions for two main reasons, one is that you can earn much more money by selling a 7900GS and a 7900GTX. Archives GTX speeds are enough to convince most people that need the card game of the best. Remove the BIOS lock and its customers will realize that all you have to do is overclock the crap out of the low-end cards to achieve the same result as buying the ridiculously expensive upgrade

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    Re: How to overclock nvidia video bios on dell notebook?

    In reality no more than the concerns of heat. Heat is the biggest problem. Then there is the concern of EMI and power. Then the actual components (resistance, caps, etc.) that are affected by excessive heat and EMI. Do not misunderstand me change the GPU / memory clock is not as big of a deal that when you start playing with time and energy you start getting into big trouble. The reason of other providers, such as Clevo box set so you can OC is due to be outside the useful part and is not subject to the same point of order as Dell.

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    Re: How to overclock nvidia video bios on dell notebook?

    yeah it is right and i am totally agree with this post.

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