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Thread: Overclocking settings for MSI P67A-GD67

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    Overclocking settings for MSI P67A-GD67

    I am recently trying to configure the BIOS. I want your help in Overclocking settings for MSI P67A-GD67. Lately I am running version 1.8. The CPU from 1.385V to 1.4V PLL and 1.8 to 1.86 after that to 1.8B10.

    • CPU Base Frequency [10kHz] [10000]
    • Adjust CPU Ratio [33]
    • Adjust CPU Ratio in OS [Disabled]
    • Internal PLL Overvoltage [Auto]
    • EIST [Enabled]
    • Intel Turbo Boost [Enabled]
    • DRAM Frequency [DDR3-2133MHz]
    • Extreme Memory Profile (X.M.P) [Disabled]
    • DRAM Timing Mode [Link]
    • Spread Spectrum [Disabled]
    • VDroop Control [High VDroop]
    • CPU Core Voltage [1.400V]
    • CPU I/O Voltage [1.070V]
    • DRAM Voltage [1.630V]
    • System Agent Voltage (SA) [Auto]
    • CPU PLL Voltage [1.860V]
    • PCH 1.05 [Auto]

    Advanced DRAM Configuration 1,9,11,9,28, the rest on Auto

    • Active Processor Cores [All]
    • Limit CPUID Maximum [Disabled]
    • Execute Disable Bit [Enabled]
    • Intel Virtualisation Tech [Disabled]
    • Power Technology [Custom]
    • C1E Support [Disabled]
    • Overspeed Protection [Enabled]
    • Intel C-State [Enabled]
    • Package C State Limit [No Limit]
    • Long Duration Power Limit (W) 120
    • Long Duration Maintained (ms) 1000
    • Short Duration Power Limit (W) 130

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    Re: Overclocking settings for MSI P67A-GD67

    Change CPU Ratio [33] <- (is wrong. It is[48], but you can not see it. EIST, etc turbo makes it slower and accelerate when needed. To correct the error on my board, all I did was press F6 UEFI and load optimized defaults, save, reboot and then go through everything again. If you do that, I think you also get all the correct settings. Next time, do not see it go to 48x in Windows. Only go to like 3.6 or whatever it 2500K. To get back to where you are, just make all the settings the same.

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    Re: Overclocking settings for MSI P67A-GD67

    Absolute maximum that I have selected in the BIOS is 1.4V, but resulting in different tools and is measured by a voltmeter depends on the BIOS version. I upgraded to V1.9B1 today and 1.38V (CPU Vcc) in the BIOS is reported as 1.38V in HWMonitor idle which is pretty good. When you run the first 95 small FFT rises to 1.44V and 1.45V in HWMonitor measure. So, to answer your question, the delta with this BIOS is 0.05V measured@4.8GHz. With previous versions of the BIOS needed 1.4V set in the BIOS, but the tension load was very similar, so I guess MSI is trying to get the value set in the BIOS about the current tension.

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    Re: Overclocking settings for MSI P67A-GD67

    Yes, it is very important even for a split second. 1.4 V S 'is a reasonable level of sustained use, and is seen by the industry as a recommended maximum. If you take a look at the Intel data sheets, the "absolute maximum 'to the list 1.52v' s (monitor data sheet as this may change). Any sustained operation over 1.4v s' for a long period of time can result in a degradation in different degrees of severity.

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    Re: Overclocking settings for MSI P67A-GD67

    In the stress you are bound to damage something if your load low for a sustained period of shock. Be careful. I thought the whole UNER load 24 / 7 folding 4.6 GHz in the BIOS automatically adjust VCore about 1.3 and 4.8 GHz to about 1.38 V. For me everything has gone well for 24 / 7 operation at full load folding.

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    Re: Overclocking settings for MSI P67A-GD67

    Most of us Overclock for the performance gain, and usually that means I want a stable system that can maintain the condition of overclock within the safe confines of the CPU. If the game is what stresses the CPU, then you want to make sure that whatever you achieve the maximum OC, will also be safe in terms of voltage and temperature at that frequency OC for long periods. If your goal is to establish a reference point, by all means go for the absolute and hope that nothing breaks on the road. However, if you are willing to take into account the degradation of the CPU to go to the "absolute" limits, then that is your decision.

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    Re: Overclocking settings for MSI P67A-GD67

    Do yourself a favor, however, play the game at a reasonable price Overclocking, i.e. within the normal voltage range (up to ~ 1.4 V), then play the same game on the "extreme" end, we are able achieve in the absolute voltage and make a visual comparison in terms of "playability". Its hardware and only you will mourn if the reduction of 0.1 V in the Vcore does not stop smoke or revive a black screen.

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