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Thread: Is Amd IGP graphic card worth overclocking ?

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    Is Amd IGP graphic card worth overclocking ?

    I have overcloked my HD4250 integrated graphics from 550mhz to 820mhz , overclocked my cpu to 3.2 from 2.9 as well(not more due to shortage of good paste and cooler). after 810mhz the game began to hang.
    Considering my system please tell me and give answer to the following question
    • How much should be the temperature of my system ?
    • Till i acquire a graphics card(take some time) can I obtain a northbridge cooler if presented?
    • Will a driver update permit upto 850mhz without and that too without hanging the game ?
    • But my most important question is Can if I overclock my graphic card , is it worth doing it ?

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    Re: Is Amd IGP graphic card worth overclocking ?

    Pardon me if i am incorrect , But i believe overclocking IGP is total misuse of time since it hardly ever does increase gameplay excellence at all since HD4250 is a gravely low end GPU, there's just no point in Overclocking it though there may be a few theoretical developments .Commenting on the cpu your CPU is wonderfully overpowered from your current GPU(igp)so you might not observe any improvement in gaming save for a few CPU intensive applications such as winrar

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    Re: Is Amd IGP graphic card worth overclocking ?

    Well you should not be worried about the temperature once you have made your mind to overclock the graphic card and in the question you have also mentioned that you have overclocked the cpu as well , so you you should not be much concerned about the your temperature s are quite good(its winter/OC'ing season )i would suggest you continue your Overclocking activity for about 3-4 weeks for the sake of testing and experience acquiring only so that you can pertain the knowledge when you obtain your Discrete GPU . but i wouldn't anticipate any important improvements in gaming now.

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    Re: Is Amd IGP graphic card worth overclocking ?

    Try to make the overclocking lesser slightly. I have got a same kind of build as you have PC and I can't overclock the CPU further than 3.1 GHz as it results the PC to hang. Also the IGP overclock is also excessively much. When i overclocked my 6850 to Core-850MHz and Memory-1200MHz I considered it was constant but when I tried Serious Sam HD, the display stirred to one side every few seconds( but only the game called Assassin's Creed Worked well in it ). Lowering the overclock worked in my case , I hope it will work in your case as well for me. Try to decrease 25MHz for IGP and 1MHz for FSB.

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    Re: Is Amd IGP graphic card worth overclocking ?

    I know the desktop variants of the igp grapfic card can be overclocked, but that is only in standard built system as the BIOS in prebuilts lock out any overclocking, I would suppose the same for laptops as well. I am not sure you should overclock, even if you can, I would highly suggest you , please do not got after it as your likely to result it to overheat. On a side reminder what games do you intend to play? The majority of the new games would be unplayable on a your said recommendation above 800x600 res with low settings. Clearly there is no issue at all with the motherboard it is a decent integrated chip and will effortlessly handle older games, but new stuff will resist as with any other integrated chip.

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    Re: Is Amd IGP graphic card worth overclocking ?

    When I was working on the AMD , I had read an article about the graphic card , in which I had read that the ASUS M2A-VM HDMI motherboard ( that was my system board) had an IGP overclocking choice that was available in the BIOS. After entering the into the BIOS and going into the 'Advanced Chipset' menu one could regulate the clock tempo of the ATI Radeon Xpress 1250 graphics engine for improved 3D Performance. As I had the neutralized ASUS M2A-VM motherboard my BIOS did not contain this characteristic as it's only obtainable on the higher priced ASUS M2A-VM HDMI motherboard. Since both boards are almost the same I downloaded the newest version of ATITool and gave it a shot to observe if I could overclock the Integrated Graphic Processor (IGP) on the ASUS M2A-VM.

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